the mighty combo. black & gold

man ray’s peggy guggenheim wearing a dress by paul poiret, 1923 via
Peggy still looking good - 87 years later!

naeem khan fall 2010 RTW

They say it's important to keep in touch with your inner child, but listen - it's a farce. Don't be another nameless victim of our youth-obsessed culture! REBEL! Keep in touch with your inner-grandma/grandpa. And when buying key pieces for your wardrobe think, "would my inner-grandma/grandpa be down with this?" By asking yourself this question you are creating your own shtick. You free yourself of the ruthless fleeting world of trendy! You can look back at 10, 20 even 30 year old pictures and not have that "what was i thinking?" moment. You can stand true knowing that you can you have–to be quite morbid–created a look you can quite literally take to the grave.

For instance, my inner-grandma believes in quality over quantity, she believes in a GOLD STANDARD. She's decked out head to toe in gold - she just can't get enough! Because i'm in tune and trust my inner grandma I know gold will never do me wrong.

Some fellow Golden Girls keeping it real.

Marc by Marc Jacobs jacquard dress



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